Job Shadow Project

Don't know how to get exposure to careers you might be interested in?

"The main challenge for our students is opening their minds to career tracks that they had not previously thought of."

-Civic Corp from Project Pathways

Experience Career Connections and Transform Your Passion Into Action

Both high school and college students are facing challenges identifying meaningful career paths because of limited career exploration opportunities.

The Job Shadow Project offers students unique work-based opportunities that provides onsite observations in real time and interactive learning. By gaining more career insight, students can investigate how organizations run and ascertain if the job in mind is a right fit for them.

In addition, understanding one's strengths is a key factor in the beginning of a career journey. Students are provided a personalized assessment that helps them to identify their passion and purpose.

Our specialists work with students to:

  1. Evaluate personal strengths for a career

  2. Develop a career interest action plan

  3. Provide 1-3 day job shadow experience in interested career fields in your regional area

  4. Career Matching

  5. Potential Employment (paid college internship, paid employment while in college)

Explore Your NEXT Opportunity Today!

"High schools are struggling to prepare young people for today's economy. Too many students are disengaged and have difficulty navigating the options after graduation."

- Partnership to Advance Youth Apprenticeship

Strengthening the Relationship Between Education & Passion

The Job Shadow Project adopts a personalized approach to explore students' interests, passion, and personality traits to identify career fields that are a right fit for them.

Ensuring success for young people through an opportunity to design their life with support in high school, college and beyond is crucial to not only benefit the student, but for their future communities they will create tomorrow.