Are you struggling to identify careers that interest you?

You Are Not Alone. 

Do you want to design your dream career and don't know where to begin? 

Limited access to career exploration and student advisors is systemic challenge within schools so how do you get additional support? And where do you get a chance to experience life on the job?  

"In California alone, the ratio of counselors to students is 622-to-1, far higher than the 250-to-1 ratio recommended by the American School Counselors Association. The national average is 464-to-1." - EdSource

While some schools are refocusing on career pathways, where do you go to get help and what should you do first?

Get Inspired!

Taking personal inventory. So many of us are often doing what we think we should be doing. But how often do you evaluate your strengths by taking inventory to know if you are compatible with the career you are interested in? 

Be Curious. What's Out There?

There are lots of career options that make great salaries but they are often obscure. For many viable careers, a bachelor's degree is not required. 

We offer you a more in depth and behind the scenes look at top industries such as business and finance, health science, arts and entertainment. 

We break down these leading industry ecosystems and investigate various professional options alongside personal stories from industry professionals.  

Create a Plan. How Do I Get There from Here?

Talking with real people, real life heroes, and leaders can make connections by listening to their stories. 

Educate U offers real time opportunities to engage with your career interests. 

With limited knowledge and resources, students and families are struggling to access the full range of educational options in a school setting that supports career exploration. 

Get the personalized attention you need to help you put a plan together and design your roadmap today!