Dual Enrollment: Preparing College Instructors to Teach High School Students 

The course will provide the participant with a comprehensive overview of dual enrollment programs, including research evidence and data. Participants will also gain pedagogical strategies and logistical support necessary to succeed as dual enrollment instructors. 

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Interested in bringing your expertise into the classroom?

Professional development for educators and industry experts is just as important in preparing a future generation of leaders in schools. 

Earning a CTE credential is a first step in bridging real world experience and knowledge to students. These 5 mini-modules will walk you through steps to learn about how you can earn a California CTE credential and why!

Looking for Strategies to Increase CTE Teacher Retention?

Featured in Advance CTE, a national publication to provide educational leadership in developing a competitive workforce, this case study identified strategies to build stronger school cultures through professional development. Complete article is available upon request.